Oro Imperial Continues Its Winning Streak with a Gold Medal in San Diego

It’s another win for Oro Imperial! At the recent 9th Annual 2017 San Diego Spirit Festival, Oro Imperial Silver was one of just 17 spirits to be awarded a gold medal by the panel of industry experts. Spirits were judged on appearance, aroma, taste and finish.

This most recent accolade continues Oro Imperial’s impressive winning streak in its debut season. Other awards for the tequila include double gold (Silver) and gold (Reposado and Añejo) at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), and platinum (Reposado), silver (Silver), bronze (Añejo) and gold (series bottle design) at the 2017 SIP Awards in Newport Beach.

The 2017 San Diego International Spirits Competition had a record 162 entries in various categories from vodka and gin to whiskeys, rum, agave spirits, liqueurs and packaged cocktails. Spirits were judged on their individual merits and attributes and presented to judges in coded NEAT glasses in a blind tasting format.

The San Diego Spirits Festival is a cocktail, culinary and cultural extravaganza celebrated annually each summer on San Diego Bay. The two-day festival attracts thousands of people from all over the country and includes bartender competitions, tastings, spirit competition, seminars and parties. www.sandiegospiritsfestival.com


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  1. Chris M. - San Francisco, CA
    Chris M. - San Francisco, CA says:

    I decided to crack open my bottle of Oro Imperial Silver Tequila, and shared it with my girlfriend and one of our good friends, accompanied by some al pastor tacos. To start, we each took a shot. My first impressions:

    • Even for a silver tequila, this is smoother than what I’m used to. It reminds me of Milagro or Corralejo (pretty smooth tequilas themselves), but without the associated bite.
    • The mouthfeel resembles vodka; i.e., it’s not “heavy” (like many tequilas are), and it’s easy to drink.
    • There’s no chest “burn”; it’s a spreading warmth, like a good whiskey.

    Because the first shot went down so well, we did a second. This time, we did it right, with salt and lime. Second impressions:

    • While the lime and salt are nice, they are not at all necessary.
    • This is REALLY easy to drink, and could be a sipping tequila. It might be a waste to do shots of it.
    • Still very little bite, and no afterburn.

    We ate some tacos, and because I’m a sucker for a good margarita, we whipped up a couple (on the rocks)- each had 2 shots of the tequila, a shot of triple sec, about a half cup of orange juice, and about half a shot glass full of lime juice. While it was really tasty, I feel like this is most definitely not the liquor to use in a margarita- the taste is too good for that, and is overpowered by the other ingredients.

    After the two shots, and a margarita and a half, I had a pretty decent buzz going, so I stopped drinking for the evening. When I woke up the next morning, there was zero trace of a hangover.


    This is a solid tequila- it easily competes with its peers (Herradura, Milagro, Corralejo), and blows lesser tequilas (Cuervo, Sauza) out of the water. I give it a 9/10.

    BONUS– I really like the design of the bottle- I actually kept it because it looks cool (it makes a good vase).

    And finally, many thanks to you. The bottle was well-enjoyed by me, my girlfriend, and our friend.


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